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How can a nation so “churched” be so untouched by the Gospel? Why is it that “the Glory has departed,” leaving a nation racked by political hatred, drug addiction, and shattered families?

“God, Caesar & Idols” asks these questions, and calls the church to seek God’s Word for answers. Too many Christians no longer make political choices on the basis of eternal truth, but make them on the basis of purely financial considerations. The book calls the Church to break its addiction to humanistic government schooling and instead “bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”


The book challenges the Church to reject “cheap grace,” and the easy temptation to be “tolerant” of society’s rebellion. We must again honor the authority of God’s Word, and embrace the life-altering power available when we reject our cultural idols and proclaim “the whole counsel of God,” without compromise.


Armed with careful Scriptural exegesis, and supported by the words of great Christians from church history, this book encourages the American Church to again “contend for the faith” in the culture – whatever the cost.”

God, Caesar and Idols

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