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Attorney and author Rick Boyer is an articulate spokesman for biblical values in the public square. He has appeared on radio, television and podcasts defending the authority of Scripture in public affairs, and encouraging Christians to engage in the battle for America’s soul.

Now, as the American church struggles to stand for the authority of God’s Word, and battles to maintain a clear gospel message under attack from destructive philosophies like “social justice,” Christian pacifism, critical theory and sexual perversions, Rick has written “God, Caesar & Idols.”


The book is an unashamed call to the American church to raise the unchanging standard of God’s truth in a “post-truth” culture.


The church can no longer avoid the battle. And too often it is biblically illiterate, helpless in the face of cultural attack. But the Word of God still has the answers for America. “God, Caesar & Idols” is a book for this moment.

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