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About Rick Boyer

Rick Boyer is a constitutional lawyer practicing in Lynchburg Virginia, and a 30-year veteran of America’s culture wars.

Rick’s passion has always been to fight for freedom and biblical principles in the public square. He has served in volunteer positions with numerous local, state and federal campaigns for conservative candidates, and in 2003 was elected to the Campbell County Board of Supervisors outside Lynchburg.

After a midlife career change from construction to law, culminating in a law degree from Liberty University School of Law, Rick has practiced a wide variety of law. Today his focus is constitutional law, with an emphasis on religious freedom, parental rights, and the Second Amendment.

Rick was involved with volunteer post-election litigation on behalf of the Trump campaign after the hotly contested election of 2020. He continues to be active in recruiting and supporting Christians with a biblical worldview to run for local, state and federal office in Virginia.

Rick, his wife and teammate Christina and their six children attend New Hope Baptist Church in Bedford County, Virginia.


"God, Caesar & Idols" is Rick's first book.

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